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  • PTFE Lined Phenolic Caps

    Glass Vials carries PTFE lined phenolic caps which  provide a wide range of chemical compatibility.

  • PTFE Lined Polypropylene Caps

    Our PTFE liner is durable and safe with many applications, providing the widest range of chemical compatibility with the best temperature tolerance available on the market today. PTFE liners resist degradation from virtually all chemicals at room temperature and are resilient for a tight seal with low moisture transmission.

  • PTFE/Silicone Septa

    The septrseal septa combines PTFE protection with the resealing ability of our FDA Grade silicone. Glass Vials offers a wide variety of diameters and thicknesses to meet your requirements.

  • PV Lined Phenolic Caps

    Pulp/Vinyl Lined Phenolic Caps are perfect for general use. They are closely associated with our F-217 foam lined caps, not recommended for active hydrocarbons or bleaches.

  • Tapered Wood Corks

    Our tapered wood corks work great with our patent lip/display vials.